MOZER guitars are hand built 21th century guitars founded in 2004 by Michiel Mozer.

The concept arose out of the desire to create a truly new and distinguishing face in the guitar world, based on the daring creations in the ‘60s.

While creating something completely new, Mozer took the chance to improve and optimize numerous details in the construction, finish and hardware selection. They not only resulted into a unique look and feel, they became innovative designs with an optimal tone-maintenance and playability.

This led to a synthesis of legacy and innovation. A new face and progression in the tradition of guitar building. The concept behind every Mozer electric guitar and bass.

Synthesis of legacy and innovation

Standard line

The Standard line is the core of the line. The Mozer Electric I series are the latest design guitars. They come in 3 variations that share a simular base of carefully selected specifications to achieve a small run of exclusively produced guitars (standardline) for a wide range of music/playing styles.

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Mozer standard line

Custom line

In our Customshop, based in Holland, we build truely one-of-a-kind Mozer guitars (as a Custom guitar should be). Within the shape and construction of our design we focus on your playing style, demands and unconcious needs. We put this together into a guitar that will fit your prefenerces as no other.

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Mozer custom line